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A unique combination of security know-how and best of breed software.



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Why Radar?

The risk management company

Radar is a global network of domain and technology experts in risk management. Our global experience and expertise enables us to assist organizations in all aspects of an effective enterprise risk management program.

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Smart Gateways

Radar provides software solutions to support your risk management program, matched to your risk management processes and reinforced by industry standards.

Result As A Service

Our integrated approach to risk management and commitment empowers your organization to meet its objectives.

Benefit from
Our big picture focus – risks are interconnected.
An integrated risk management platform and system.
Our auditing services to ensure long-term effectiveness and efficiency of your risk management program

Think Global, Act Local

Find out how Radar can help you

Every client has unique needs. Working together we’ll find out the right solution
to achieve your goals and maximize your Return on Risk Investment.


In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.


Albert Einstein

Even a correct decision is wrong when it was taken too late.


Lee Lacocca

Risk management should be an enterprise-wide exercise and engrained in the business culture of the organization.


Julie Dickson

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