Have a look at the many benefits of good Risk Management:
Encourage proactive management
Improve the identification of opportunities and threats
Comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements and international norms
Improve mandatory and voluntary reporting
Be aware of the need to identify and treat risk throughout the organization
Improve governance
Improve stakeholder confidence and trust
Establish a reliable basis for decision making and planning
Improve controls
Effectively allocate and use resources for risk treatment
Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
Enhance health and safety performance, as well as environmental protection
Minimize losses
Improve organizational learning
Improve organizational resilience
Improve loss prevention and incident management

Consulting Services

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Risk Planning

Security Strategy & Planning.

Risk Smart people: risk awareness & culture

Risk assessment

The overall process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation:

— Enterprise

— Security: Crime Profiler™ is one of 6 elements of the Security Risk Management Method Securifyer™. The objective of Crime Profiler™ is to develop an understanding of your security risks.

Management Services

Outsourcing non-core or highly specialized activities can be more beneficial than
to recruit someone. Here is why:

Multidisciplinary profiles:

For the price of one: the person on the spot can rely on the broad experience of the Radar group.


Higher stakes at peak times, lower commitment in Valley periods, simple cancellable.

Selection and recruitment:

No expenses or extensive time 

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